CDPH Ebola Virus Disease Medical Waste Management

California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
Resource Updated:
Feb. 01, 2017
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About this Resource

The California Department of Public Health’s guidelines for management of Ebola contaminated medical waste based on federal guidelines and standards including specific guidance regarding packaging, labeling, and treatment.


Healthcare facilities preparing to manage waste generated from caring for suspected or confirmed Ebola patients

Key Takeaways

  • Waste generated from patients suspected or confirmed to have Ebola virus disease requires special handling and packaging
  • Certain types of waste, such as sharps waste, requires special handling detailed in this document
  • Transporting and storing the waste within a facility may differ from routine waste logistics
  • The final waste container can include special waste labels to distinguish the waste from regular medical waste on the premises
  • A large amount of waste is expected to be generated from patients with suspected or confirmed Ebola patients, and healthcare facilities should be prepared to manage this large volume of waste

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