Planning Guidance for Category A Waste

United States
US Department of Transportation (US DOT)
Resource Updated:
Jun. 10, 2022
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About this Resource

How to safely handle, inactivate, transport, and dispose of Category A infectious waste.


This guide is intended to help government and non-governmental leaders, local emergency medical services, emergency managers, hospitals, healthcare providers, laboratories, environmental services workers, waste management companies and workers, and related stakeholders safely handle, inactivate, transport, and dispose of Category A waste.

Key Takeaways

  • Provides key information about procedures and regulations regarding Category A waste
  • Addresses planning for Category A waste management activities, including considerations for developing, evaluating, and revising organizational (e.g., hospital) or jurisdictional (e.g., state, territorial, or local) plans
  • Presented in sections that break down waste management activities according to responsibilities as waste is moved from its point of generation to its place of disposal
  • Appendices provide users with information about pathogens classified as Category A infectious substances, decision making for waste treatment and disposal activities, communicating effectively about safe waste management and associated issues, and additional related resources.

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